Dear Gravity
Two Hours Of Ambient Focus Music || Dear Gravity
Two Hours Of Ambient Focus Music || Dear Gravity image

Two Hours Of Ambient Focus Music || Dear Gravity


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Two hours of ambient focus music by ambient artist Dear Gravity.
Featuring –
Godspeed in its entirety.
The Pilgrimage Series in its entirety.
Strangers Among Our Own (EP) in its entirety.
Union (collaborative EP w/SImon Wester) in its entirety.
Riven (collaborative EP w/We Dream Of Eden) in its entirety.
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Track listing:
00:00 The Contrarian
04:03 Reconditioning Has To Start Somewhere
06:58 A Pursuit Of Initial And Infallible Design
11:04 To Lay Down Everything You've Built
16:03 Disenchanted Loyalties
19:11 upsidedown
23:34 Maybe Familiar is Too Narrow
26:38 Perpetual Stir
29:17 Point Of Convergence
32:09 Finish, Remember, Begin Again
37:07 Dozens Of Whispering Worlds
38:40 Departure Pt. I // Canvas
41:29 Voyager
44:07 Copper Sail
46:19 The Land Untouched
50:19 Departure Pt. II // Yesteryear
53:11 Devotion
56:26 Faint Ember
59:54 Causes
1:01:22 Wooden Starlight
1:03:49 Short Of Breath
1:05:22 Do You Remember?
1:08:12 What Awaits
1:09:31 They Heard We Can't Stop
1:12:28 Promises
1:14:26 What I've Become
1:17:57 Meridian Air
1:20:08 The Veil
1:23:05 Settled Odds
1:25:24 Strangers Among Our Own
1:28:31 Outlands
1:31:19 Migrant
1:34:02 Antonyms
1:37:28 Monochrome (feat. Simon Wester)
1:41:31 Do We Wake (feat. Simon Wester)
1:45:07 Union (feat. Simon Wester)
1:48:53 Gathering (feat. Simon Wester)
1:52:12 Ordinary Bones (feat. We Dream Of Eden)
1:54:41 Forgotten Arbor (feat. We Dream Of Eden)
1:57:05 Fire, Sleeper (feat. We Dream Of Eden)
2:00:11 Say Something (feat. We Dream Of Eden)
2:02:50 Riven (feat. We Dream Of Eden)