Dear Gravity
Prismatic image


Split • Released Sep 15, 2023



Eminent ambient artist Dear Gravity returns to Echoes Blue Music with a stunning new EP, Prismatic. Deep ambient tones collide with ethereal flourishes and multi-layered production to create a truly mesmerising listening experience. With subtle nods to his previous releases Godspeed and Strangers Among Our Own, the unmissable Prismatic takes Dear Gravity's signature 'cinematic ambient' sound to new heights.
  1. 01Palisade3:56
  2. 02Vespers3:34
  3. 03Things Are Not the Way They Ought To Be (The Lament)3:36
  4. 04Mimic4:47
  5. 05A Precursor3:19
5 songs, 19 minutes