Dear Gravity
I Hope This Letter Finds You Well image

I Hope This Letter Finds You Well

Album • Released Feb 4, 2019


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The second full-length collection of songs from ambient / modern classical artist Dear Gravity.
  1. 01A New Deep6:26
  2. 02Full Intent5:10
  3. 03The Long Wait6:17
  4. 04With Expectation4:43
  5. 05Lucid Dreaming6:23
  6. 06Peace Finds Breath6:22
  7. 07Of Dirt and Earth4:48
  8. 08Is There a Way3:48
  9. 09Layer Upon Layer7:30
  10. 10To See Once More6:03
  11. 11Stand and Reign5:53
  12. 12The Wonders6:38
12 songs, 70 minutes