Dear Gravity
Godspeed (Deluxe) image

Godspeed (Deluxe)

Album • Released Jun 10, 2022



To celebrate the one year anniversary of Dear Gravity's epic Godspeed album, we are proud to release this Deluxe version that features five new and reimagined tracks alongside the 10 originals. With stunning contributions from Jameson Nathan Jones, Good Weather For An Airstrike, Valedictorian and cloudchaos, this is truly an album for the ages.
"Ambient Album of the Year... Godspeed is an album for those who are willing to pause, breathe, and feel."
- Still Small Voice
  1. 01The Contrarian4:04
  2. 02Reconditioning Has to Start Somewhere2:54
  3. 03A Pursuit of Initial and Infallible Design4:06
  4. 04To Lay Down Everything You've Built5:00
  5. 05Disenchanted Loyalties3:07
  6. 06upsidedown4:24
  7. 07upsidedown (reprise)2:43
  8. 08Maybe Familiar Is Too Narrow3:03
  9. 09Perpetual Stir2:34
  10. 10Point of Convergence2:49
  11. 11Finish, Remember, Begin Again4:58
  12. 12Reconditioning Has to Start Somewhere (cloudchaos Remix)3:23
  13. 13A Pursuit of Initial and Infallible Design (Jameson Nathan Jones Remix)4:24
  14. 14To Lay Down Everything You've Built (Valedictorian Remix)2:30
  15. 15Finish, Remember, Begin Again (Good Weather For An Airstrike Remix)6:24
15 songs, 56 minutes