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Godspeed is the new album from eminent ambient artist Dear Gravity.
Following the 2020 album The Pilgrimage Series, described as “simply breathtaking” by Louder Than The Music, Godspeed is Dear Gravity’s most ambitious and complex to date, featuring a stunning level of musical depth and emotion.
Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, principal member Mike Graff says he “became fascinated with the term ‘godspeed’, since it’s typically associated with the idea of going super-fast; but the more I’ve thought about rest recently – about how much healthier it is to live a relaxed pace of life, instead of staying continually busy and on the edge of burnout – it’s become quite clear that a need for slower-speed is built into all of us. And maybe ‘godspeed’ is quite the opposite of what we think it is.”
Godspeed musically embodies this very dichotomy: wrestling between complexity and simplicity, discovering beauty in the midst of reduction, and uncovering subtle details that were previously veiled. The entire album arc allows for a truly meditative and inspiring listening experience.